My name is Ashlin Duncan.

I make websites.

About Me

I have been working with computers since I was a child. I began by simply tinkering with software – breaking things, fixing them again, and honing my ability to Google the problems away. Further on, I developed an interest in the graphical arts, mainly logo design and drawing textures. Creating designs became boring, however – until I discovered the diverse field of web design.

At its root, web development is visual. Developers start with visual data, and run it through an intricate system, culminating in a visual display. The display is both the beginning and end goals, and everything in-between is simply a means to an end. This visual aspect is what I enjoy so much. Elsewhere in computing, we rarely have the opportunity to see design and software intertwined in such a close relationship.

Aside from the world of technology, I also enjoy playing violin and piano. I have been taking private lessons for ten years now, under the instruction of LaDonna Smith. I am a member of the Birmingham Suzuki Violinists and perform regularly. You can listen to some of my recordings in the projects section.

I am still learning, and I enjoy every second of it. My greatest fear is that someday, there won’t be anything new to explore. Thankfully for both myself and humanity, that day never seems to come.